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You can choose our Alaska sauna belt or all our sports belts and waist trainers for your workout. The Barcelona neoprene vest could be your best choice because on the top of the bottom corset we added a zip vest that provides extra support and more intensive sweat during workouts.

Follow the washing instructions on the label. Routinely we advise handwash at 30 degrees with the mind, bleach-free detergent.

The Alaska sauna belt has multiple benefits to its user. It can effectively reduce pain as it warms the muscles, making them more flexible and relaxed which allows for better blood flow.

Wearing a waist trainer can help in reducing the pain of menstrual cramps. It puts pressure on the abdominal section, and the pressure relieves pain in the abdominal part.

Yes, you can use your waist training belt or vest to sleep. Just do not wear it too tight that it hinders your breathing or have your movements restricted.

Put the corset on in a standing or a laying down position. The best is to start from the bottom up, but some people like to start at the top. Do not start in the middle.

You can find a measuring guide and additional measuring instructions on our website.

The lines of the waist training garment will show through your clothes only as much as a bra.

TAgainst all misinformations the waist trainers of today will not harm your body, you just need to get the right size. All our corsets are made of elastic materials and they will fit you like a glove, not like an armor.

You can use any skin tightening cream under your waist trainer/sauna belt. The cream will not damage the garment, and the cream will enhance the results.

After C-section you should choose New York vest or Milan waist trainer, although any of Legal Beauty waist trainers would serve your purpose; just remember not to buy too small of a garment. When to begin waist training is up to the condition of your surgical wound. Always wear classic high waist panties and a light undershirt under your waist trainer and don’t forget to ask your physician’s advice.

For postpartum recovery, the New York waist trainer vest and Milan waist trainer would be your best choice, although you can choose any of our waist trainers until you order the appropriate size. Use classic high waist panties and a light undershirt under your waist trainer and don’t forget to ask your physician’s advice.

We ship the color you order online from us. The quality and brightness of the colors come back really nice on our website, therefore you can be sure to receive the same radiant color you have chosen.

Our Paris and Los Angeles corsets have long versions designed for people over 170 cm.

Yes, you can wear our London sports belt/Alaska sauna belt all day, even during sleep. The belt helps you to lose water weight and this effect will intensify during the workout.

They both made out of Neoprene, but the London belt has an extra-strong elastic top belt attached which increases support. It also has 4 elastic bonings, therefore it will better assist your back during a workout or your activities.

When your waist trainer won’t feel as tight and snug as it used to, it is time to use the next fastening.

Milan is our most durable waist trainer, which provides you with the strongest back support. It has seven steel bonings to reinforce your torso and large steel hook and eye closure which can be adjusted to three levels. These large hooks are set in 100% latex.

We recommend our corsets after giving birth, because they hold and compress your belly more than a sports belt, therefore they provide more help with the recovery of the abdominal muscles. Out of all waist trainers, the extra heavy-duty Milan, extra-strong New York would be the best, although Paris and Los Angeles are highly beneficial. If your height is 170 cm or above the last two corsets have longer versions available. Our customers like Barcelona also, because of its highly flexible and comfortable wear.

Not under normal circumstances. Almost all of our waist training garments have a hypoallergenic cotton lining for your comfort. If it doesn’t seem enough, please use a cotton undershirt under your belt/vest.

Yes, The waist trainer corrects your posture as it keeps your midsection tight and in line.

Every Surgeon has a different post-op procedure and method; you need to discuss the post-operational stage with your MD. Your doctor might recommend the use of corset before, and you will be able to continue your waist training 2-4 weeks after the surgery.

During pregnancy do not use any waist training products!

On our vests you find adjustable straps, so you can adjust them to your comfort.

Although we have belts specially designed for men (see Legal Beast products), anybody can wear any waist training garments.

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated inside and out. Drink plenty of water and use moisturizer during waist training.

Our London and Berlin sports belt would hold and support your back enough to reduce your abdominal pressure and pain. And this applied compression by the belt would intensify your period and ease the pain. Although if you have extreme symptoms of endometriosis, please consult your doctor before use.

Our products are delivered in a gorgeous black and silver-colored shipping box to heighten your Legal Beauty experience. This distinctive box is covered in plastic shrink wrap to keep it safe. You will find the UPS/DHL delivery sticker attached to the plastic cover.

Of course, we do an exchange. Scroll to the bottom of the page on our website and click on “Product replacement”. You’ll need to fill out a replacement request form.

We would recommend you to get the smaller size if you use it for waist training. Always try to measure in the morning and make sure you are not bloated. If you need the garment for sport or you’re just trying to correct your posture or you are post-operational, then go with the larger size. Use the measuring guide on our website.

Yes, with the use of our sports belts and waist training garments you can avoid strains and sprains because the garment holds and supports your torso during exercise.

You need to start wearing your waist trainer gradually. First, you need to spend just a couple of hours in it and then slowly raise the amount of time you have a corset on. Make sure it hugs your curves comfortably and you don’t feel breathless or squashed in it.

You can best achieve the desired hourglass shape with the Los Angeles corset. With its extra elastic waistband, you can compress your waist as slim as you wish.

They will certainly help your postpartum recovery. Our shapewear products will support your belly and back with a snug fit. It will flatten your mom’s pooch, help to reduce pain and pressure from your midsection and will enable you to move earlier and better.

We encourage you to wear your shapewear while working. According to the www.womenwork.org: “Wearing a waist trainer can help to straighten and realign your back while encouraging new posture habits. Given that they often feature metal bones within them, they reduce the instance of bending your back while relieving pressure on your spine at the same time.”

Yes, wearing a corset could help eliminate your migraine headaches or at least make it bearable, because you might get these headaches due to your bad posture.