Cookie Policy


On certain parts of our website, we employ cookies. The current policy is applicable to the websites of (hereafter: website).

What Are Cookies?

Cookies enable a website to recognize whether it had been visited by you before. Cookies help us understand which parts of the website are the most popular because they enable us to see what sites our visitors access and how much time they spend there. Through analyzing these data, we can adjust the site to better suit your needs and provide more diverse user experience by allowing cookies to, among other things:
  • Remember settings, so you don't need to enter them when visiting a new page.
  • Remember data provided by you earlier so you don't need to enter them again.
  • Analyze the use of the website in order the apply this information during the process of development to make the site work better towards your needs and enable you to find the information you are looking for faster.
  • Monitor the efficiency of our advertisements.

Types Of Cookies

Our website uses two types of cookies: session and persistent cookies.
Session cookie: these are temporary cookies, that are stored until the end of your browsing session in a cookie file. These cookies are essential in providing certain functionalities and applications for the services of the website.
Persistent cookies: these cookies stay on your online device after you leave the webpage, and allow us to identify the user as a unique visitor of the website through generating a random number. Depending on the type of cookie, the time period, while it is stored on your device, is different with each one. The tracking cookies stored on the website provide us with traffic data about its usage: for example, such data would be the ratio of actual customers to those that leave the online cart before checking out.
The tracking and reports are maintained by the following partners:
  • Google Analytics (more information:
  • Measuring the success of your campaigns, cookies from our advertising partners and third-parties: Google Ads (more information: ).
Third parties, like Google, have been allowed to use cookies in order to show advertisements based on the users' previous visits on our websites.

Ways Of Disabling / Removing Cookies

We would like to advertise you to the fact that disabling cookies will also disable certain elements and the functionalities of the website.